Anthony can't type yet, but wanted to say a big thanks for his nice visit at your office this morning. The promise of a balloon was a huge selling point to happily get him there, and everything from the bouncy ball parting gift and snacks (those cookies came in handy later when he had to sit quietly!) to the good dental advice were all much appreciated. His mom says thank you also, because when our little prince is content, we're all happy!

Anthony - 2 years old (c/o mom Christine),

3rd Annual Kid's Day at the Dentist - May 2013 - R

I have never been made to feel more welcome and relaxed at a dental office than I have with Dr Wan-Chow-Wah and her wonderful staff! I have been a regular visitor to various dental practices for many years. Every time we make a major move, we have to find a new practice. I am so happy to have found Dr Patricia and her staff!! When I come in for my appointments the staff is so friendly! Is it possible to have too much fun at the dentist??!! Dr Patricia is a friendly, competent and caring professional. She genuinely cares about your dental health and you as a person. I can highly recommend!

Mary Velasano - May 2012,

Formerly of Richmond Hill, ON.

I want to tell you that you have changed my outlook on "going to the dentist". The anxiety is gone. Your pleasant personality is very relaxing and your confident chairside manner makes me feel I have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

Greg C.,

Newmarket, Ontario - Dec. 2006

Hearing the sound of dental equipment makes me so nervous and anxious. As I've told my wife, I'd rather be hit by a baseball bat than go to the dentist, but this all changed when Dr. Patricia Wan-Chow-Wah began to take care of my teeth. She recently performed a bone and gum graft surgery for me and it was B-E-A-U-tiful. It was a painless and very smooth and comfortable procedure. Another thing I liked was that she will never leave you alone after the procedure. She called me a few times to check the progress of my healing and kept advising me for a quick recovery.

I need confidence going to a dental office and I found it in Dr. Wan!

Ferdie O.,

Vaughan, Ontario - Dec. 2010

From my experience, Dr. Patricia Wan-Chow-Wah utilizes well-founded, proven techniques during connective tissue grafts that maximize patient comfort and minimize recovery time. As a result, my gum graft procedure itself was almost pain-free; it was no more painful than a standard cavity filling. The “trap door” method Dr. Wan used to harvest tissue in combination with the plastic shell she fabricated for wear post-procedure ensured that my palate healed extremely quickly without any discomfort. The most difficult aspect of the whole experience was the restricted diet after the procedure. Being unable to chew hard foods near the grafted areas for several weeks was a challenge, but one that was worth facing for my long-term dental health.

Dr. Wan was also extremely supportive and comforting throughout the whole experience. She would always take the time to listen and respond to my many questions, no matter how silly they may have seemed. I also truly appreciated how Dr. Wan called me the day after my procedure to check in and see how I was feeling. This phone call was a really nice touch, showing that Dr. Wan cares about her patients and is thinking about them, even when they are not in her office. Dr. Wan truly goes the extra mile for her patients and I know I am in good hands with her, should I require any similar procedures in the future.

Kevin C. ,

Toronto, Ontario - Jan 2011

Dear Patricia,

As I sit looking at your calendar and planning my week, I was thinking of all the wonderful work that you have done on me, my husband and my daughter. We have taken many trips to see you over the years and you have taken care of us whether just a cleaning or we have had to have major work done. As you know Joe is so relaxed with you, that he falls asleep in the chair and this is with no freezing. I used to be a white knuckle patient, but you have taken that away and now I too am very relaxed. We have been to dentists from here to Vancouver and you are tops in our books.

Both you and your staff are very efficient and have personality! When the occasion arises we recommend you to friends, associates, etc.

May you have continued success.

Kindest regards,

The Rosove’s

Rosove family,

Richmond Hill, Ontario - Aug. 2011

Over the years, I have been to several dental offices, but just a few are worth remembering and Hunter’s Point Dental Centre is one of them. Dr. Patricia and her team have made dental appointments a breeze for my entire family; actually, I would even say, they make our visits very pleasant with their warm and caring service.

Both my children started to receive dental care from her office from the age of 2 ½ years-old. Her team have made my children’s appointments very positive experiences and it has never been a struggle to have them visit the dentist as it was when I was a child myself. Most recently, I needed a gum graft and I was extremely anxious about the procedure. Dr. Patricia patiently answered my questions and addressed all of my concerns prior to the procedure. Her team provided me with excellent service from the pre-graft visit to the follow-up call the next day from Dr. Patricia. I was pleasantly surprised by how painless the procedure was and even after the freezing had gone away. I did not even require pain killers the day following the procedure. A week later today, you can hardly tell I had a gum graft; the surgical site is practically seamless. I am convinced this can only be attributed to Dr. Patricia's exceptional skills and modern techniques.

From a simple cleaning to major dental work, Dr. Patricia and her team always deliver gentle, caring, expert service, and have always made me and my family feel comfortable and in good hands. The search is over for us, this dental office is a keeper!!!

Christina P.,

Mississauga, Ontario - Jan. 2012


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